Stellarium for Java, alpha

This post was initially written in french, on February 16th, 2008

This is done now as a first version is available through the Java Web Start system (to install before, which allows to start a Java application that can be downloaded from the Internet) on SourceForge or This version is not a final one yet nor without any bugs, but it is usable at least.

Stellarium for Java, windowed on MacOS

Furthermore, it has been selected for the JavaOne event, where I will showcase it next May with my co-developer.

So you are welcome to test this first version and report any feedback or issues you may encounter, so that we will be able to ship a final version with reasonable quality standards.

Once this “iso” version finished and validated, notably through your feedback, mastering the Java source code will allow to add ufology-specific features in a dedicated and separate software, which will be the first realistic version of UFO@home.



Software engineer for three decades, I would like to share my memory.

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