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At JavaOne, all sessions were subject to evaluations by the audience. Java Cards hanging on the neck of every people entering the conference room implicitly identified and counted them, while staff members at the entrance were giving evaluation forms to be fillled. The goal: evaluate our presentation, us as speakers, the quality of our slides, of the demos, etc. So how did it went for S4J?

Jérôme Beau
2 min readOct 24, 2020

This post was initially written in french, on June 6th 2008

I just received the evaluations results, and it is quite satisfying: among the 117 people who attended the S4J session, 57 agreed to evaluate it, as among the first best quarter of JavaOne sessions (4,35–4,95) with a global score of 4,39 out of 5. This evaluation is also above the average for this kind of session (4,13 for technical sessions). My co-speaker got a personal score of 4,34, while I myself got 4,26, maybe because of my “heavy accent” as mentioned in one of the comments (which cannot be found anywhere as far as I know, as the evaluations I include here), comment that I reproduce below:

Great demo!

Most interesting topic at JavaOne so far. C++ code version is a bit like “old fashioned”. JOGL is not appreciated enough. There should be more JOGL content in the future. Also, it is the best software demo so far (better than the JavaFX general session)

Beau travail les gars ! [in french, meaning “Nice work guys!”]

Very good session

Difficult to understand because of the heavy accent. Demo was really good. We can hear the speaker from the next room (annoying)

Nice demo, thanks!

I wished less about porting Java -> C++ and more about JOGL itself. That sai, very cool technology!

Very well done: Excellent session both on discussing porting C++ to Java and the demos to showcase the result of running it with Java. The code review was excellent and the points very well presented.

I much much enjoyed this session. Well done!

Nice work. Excellent session overall. Should have been a bit more rehearsed.

Once again, feel free to Install Java then (only after) test Stellarium for Java. Your feedback is important to us!



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