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  • Marius Bongarts

    Marius Bongarts

    100K+ views | 2x Top Writer | Frontend Engineer @ Accenture | Founder of web-highlights.com | Support me by becoming a Medium member https://bit.ly/3nYIPR0 🙌

  • Marc van Neerven

    Marc van Neerven

    CTO-as-a-Service —Chief Technology Officer as a Service — https://neerventure.com / https://cto-as-a-service.nl/

  • Swyx


    Infinite Builder working on DX @Netlify. Helping people #LearnInPublic @nycreact @eggheadio & r/reactjs. He/him 🇸🇬

  • Kent Beck

    Kent Beck

    Kent is a long-time programmer who also sings, plays guitar, plays poker, and makes cheese. He works at Gusto, the small business people platform.

  • Francesco Strazzullo

    Francesco Strazzullo

    Partner @ flowing. Author of “Frameworkless Front-End Development” and “Decision-making for Software Development Teams”

  • Alyssa X

    Alyssa X

    Designer, developer, & entrepreneur — founder of Sonuum. Best woman maker of 2018 (Maker Mag) & Maker of The Year nominee (Product Hunt) alyssax.com

  • Dave Herman

    Dave Herman

    Co-founder of Mozilla Research. Web standardista. Author of Effective JS. Follower around of @tinycalculist as a two-person marching band.

  • Andrea Giammarchi

    Andrea Giammarchi

    Web, Mobile, IoT, and all JS things since 00's. Formerly JS engineer at @nokia, @facebook, @twitter.

  • Igor Minar

    Igor Minar

    Software geek changing the web with http://t.co/n99yYEdpJ0

  • Jose Aguinaga

    Jose Aguinaga

    Web3/Full-Stack. DevOps/Cryptography Enthusiast. Head of Engineering at @hoprnet, previously @MyBit_dapp, @numbrs, @plaid. JavaScript, startups, fintech.

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